European Seafood Processing Challenges - A COFASP stakeholder workshop


In april 2015, EUfishmeal participated in a stakeholder workshop on European Seafood Processing Challenges.

The workshop was arranged by COFASP (Cooperation in Fisheries, Aquaculture and Seafood Processing) and aimed to identify the European seafood processing research needs and maximize the impacts of the industry. The stakeholder conversation has been gathered in a report with three other case studies. You can read it here (page 9-11)


In particular, the following research fields was identified:

  • Ensure supply
  • Relevance of seafood in the bio-economy
  • Product integrity
  • Shelf life
  • Effects of seafood consumption on public health and health benefits
  • Product development from pelagic species with better use of oil and proteins


In the presentation from EUfishmeal, Anne Mette Bæk focused on the sustainability of our industry, the use of by-products in the production of fishmeal and the future of fishmeal and fish oil.

She also highlighted specific research and innovation needs such as:

  • The impact of reducing the inclusion of fishmeal and fish oil in feed for salmon and other farmed species. Health of the stock, health for consumers, taste ecc.
  • “The unknown growth factor” provided by fishmeal
  • Fishmeal production processes: optimal handling of the proteins, and other components of the raw material. Securing the digestibility, and ”survival” of the benefits of the components of fishmeal as ingredient in feed production
  • Use of antioxidants
  • Present and future limitations and restrictions on the use of fishmeal and fish-oil products. Making best use of by-products – feed or food
  • Secure raw material: Improve the robustness of the biological assessments and regulation of fish stocks


You can view Anne Mette’s full presentation here