Update on the reauthorisation process for ethoxyquin in the EU


Source: IFFO (read full article here)



IFFO has recently been informed that the July meeting of the SCoPAFF has been cancelled, so there is now a further delay in the process of the reauthorisation of ethoxyquin. It appears that this cancellation is a result of the introduction of a new transparency process that means that SCoPAFF documents will undergo a one-month public consultation.  The July meeting documents remain in this process and therefore are not in a position to be discussed at the scheduled meeting.  At this stage, there is no indication of where the ethoxyquin draft regulation is in development, but given the complexity of the subject matter and the implications of the decision it is expected to be a long and complicated legal process for the European Commission to complete.  There is not much information about the consultation process itself, expect that it will be open to all EU citizens.


The next meeting of the Standing Committee Animal Nutrition Section is planned for the 12th and 13th September 2016, so IFFO do not anticipate any further updates on ethoxyquin until at least that point, and perhaps some time later with the introduction of the new process.