Will higher Peruvian anchovy quota mean lower feed prices?


In a recent article, IntraFish asked EUfishmeal and several other key stakeholders, such as IFFO, BioMar and Marine Harvest, this question. 


Here is what EUfishmeal Director Anne Mette Bæk Jespersen said about the topic: 

Anne Mette Baek Jespersen, director at EUfishmeal, an association representing European fishmeal and fish oil producers, agreed it is positive quotas now seem to be back at normal levels, because stable supplies are important for the international market. "A steady global supply of fishmeal and fish oil is needed by the aquafeed producers and low supplies over a longer period can lead to a shift in the use of marine ingredients in feed recipes," she said. "However, we still have to see [...] whether [the quota] can be fully fished, before we know
the actual effect on the price of fishmeal."

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