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IFFO position paper on Ethoxyquin

December 2015


The paper can be read and downloaded here.



Response to EFSA Opinion on ethoxyquin:


EFSA published an Opinion on the reauthorisation of ethoxyquin last week. IFFO, FEFAC and FEAP have since collaborated in writing a holding statement (see link at the bottom of this page) that can be used by members when questioned on the EFSA Opinion.

In addition to the statement we would like to inform members of the following:

  • The European Commission will decide, based on the EFSA Opinion on ethoxyquin, whether to authorise or not authorise the use of ethoxyquin.
  • The EC will discuss the EFSA Opinion at the next Standing Committee for Plants, Animals, Food and Feed (SCOPAFF) meeting to be held 17-18th  December and a decision will be taken with regards to a new Regulation on ethoxyquin as feed additive. Alternatively, the Commission could decide to wait for outstanding results and gaps that need to be filled depending on the time it would take to complete the necessary data before issuing a new Regulation.
  • We have reason to be concerned that the European Commission, under political pressure, might take the EFSA Opinion as providing sufficient grounds to withdraw the authorisation for ethoxyquin on precautionary grounds.
  • IFFO is preparing an impact document detailing the effect a withdrawal of ethoxyquin would have on the fishmeal, feed and aquaculture industries that we will hope to present to the European Commission before their meeting on the 17-18th December.


Aquaculture Exchange: Andrew Jackson, IFFO:


The adcovate has discussed the furure of aquaculture with marine ingredient expert Andrew Jackson. Read the full article HERE

During the discussin Andrew inter alia said: "You can grow salmon on a totally fishmeal-free diet — it’s possible — but you can’t keep up the rate of growth and the cost of production without using fishmeal, otherwise people would be doing it, of course. It’s a question of balance."