EUfishmeal General Assembly 2018


April the 26th 2018 the general assembly took place in Brussels. Members of the board from Denmark, Norway, UK, Ireland, Faroe Islands, Iceland and secretariat were attending the meeting.


This year we had set up meetings with the Commission, DG SANTE and DG MARE. One of the main subjects for discussion was the ban on feeding fishmeal and fish oil to ruminants. Other important issues for discussion were brexit, discards ban on unwanted  catches, fisheries control and regulations. 


On our way to DG SANTE and DG MARE we passed by the Barleymont bulding. 


Members of the board passing through the streets of Brussels.


Members of the board and secretariat are listening to Eric Thévenard, head of unit, DG SANTE.


The atmosphere outside restaurant "Rugbyman N' two" was amazing.