Feed Alternatives: How low should we go with marine ingredients?




SOURCE: IntraFish

IntraFish is exploring the challenge of reducing fishmeal inclusion without impacting fish health or the benefits to consumers. Fishmeal and fish oil are considered the perfect ingredients for fish feed -- particularly for carnivorous species like salmon and shrimp -- but with resources becoming increasingly volatile and more costly, feed producers have been working hard to develop alternatives


EUfishmeal director Anne Mette Bæk Jespersen was interviewed in the article. Read what had to say about inclusion of fishmeal in diets below.You can also read the full article from IntraFish HERE


"From a nutritional standpoint, fishmeal is the preferred animal protein supplement, Anne Mette Baek Jespersen, director at EUfishmeal, an association representing European fishmeal and fish oil producers, told IntraFish.
“High-quality fishmeals and oils are important sources of long chain omega-3 fatty acids, i.e. EPA and DHA, essential for most animals, including humans, and in particular for a number of marine fish and shrimp species,” she said. For the environment, the incorporation of fishmeal into diets of aquatic animals helps to reduce pollution by providing greater nutrient digestibility and therefore less ammonia in the water than can be obtained by plant-based proteins, she added."