Stirling University team forecast increase in raw material from byproducts for marine ingredients supply


Scientists at the University of Stirling have used models of current and future fisheries and aquaculture production, based on FAO data, to provide estimates for the future availability of raw material for marine ingredients.  The model shows an increasing availability of raw material from byproduct derived from aquaculture as that sector continues to grow, but also confirms an under-utilisation of byproduct from both fisheries and aquaculture at the current time.  As the total volume of raw material, and fishmeal and fish oil production increases, byproduct is predicted to provide an increasing proportion of the total.  This work was commissioned by IFFO in order to quantify the potential volume of future global raw material supply.


Europe currently uses proportionately more byproduct for fishmeal and fish oil production than other regions. See table 2 and 3 inthe FULL REPORT HERE