Welcome to the website of EUfishmeal.


We represent the voice of European fishmeal and fish oil producers in Denmark, Faroe Islands, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Norway and United Kingdom.


We provide the input for a growing global aquaculture sector and help feed the world healthy fish products.


With members from all major fishmeal and fish oil producing countries of the European continent, EUfishmeal represent:


  • +600.000 tonnes of produce
  • An export value of +700 mio €
  • An intake of 2 mio tonnes of raw material (fish and trimmings)
  • +3000 direct jobs in coastal areas
  • Numerous jobs in the fishing sector

Fishmeal and fish oil


Fishmeal and fish oil are valuable marine ingredients used mainly for aquaculture, human consumption or animal feeds.


Fishmeal and fish oil provide a balanced amount of all essential amino acids, minerals, phospholipids and omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA).


Our products help bring the important omega 3 fatty acids in to the human food chain.


On a global level, Europe is producing 10% of the world´s fishmeal and 20% of the world´s fish oil.


Latest News

Increase in Raw Material from Byproducts

Europe currently uses more byproduct for fishmeal and fish oil production than other regions. 

Update on the reauthorisation process of ethoxyquin in the EU

Ethoxyquin will not be on the agenda in the Standing Committee for Animal Nutrition before  september 12.-13.

The Global Picture - Fishmeal production and trends, July 2016

Fishmeal and fish oil are still considered the most nutritious and digestible ingredients for farmed fish feeds

EUfishmeal conference on fishmeal and fish oil

Remember to sign up for our conference on fishmeal and fish oil, on August 29-30.

Good health of salmon

Salmon have a need for the long omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in order to maintain good health.

European Commission adopts eco-labelling report 

The European Commission adopted on May 18 a report on the feasibility of an EU ecolabel scheme for fishery and aquaculture products

EU Trade increase in 2015, global supply and macroeconomic context

EUMOFA monthly highlights 05/2016

TAC and quotas 2016

The total allowable catches and quotas for 2016 are now ready